Life, all life, couldn’t exist without chlorophyll. Found in all green plants, chlorophyll is how nature derives energy from sunlight.
Gorilla Life is Liquid Sunshine.
Extracted from 100% organically grown alfalfa, this chlorophyll based “Liquid Sunshine” is what gives life to all living things – and now that also includes you!
You are a part of a new Green Generation.
When modern medicine failed to cure the chronic asthma symptoms of Gorilla Life founder Kika Keith’s daughter, her mother turned to nature for a solution. With her great knowledge of holistic healing, Kika's mother harnessed the incredible healing power of chlorophyll. And Gorilla Life Green Drink was born.
Every ingredient in every bottle of Gorilla Life is 100% all-natural. That means absolutely zero, nada, nothing that’s not beneficial for you and your body. Gorilla Life is a well-tested, well-tasted formula.
Every sip is a clean, wonderful, pur-ific body experience!
Patricia & Bob, Teachers
"We were introduced to Gorilla Life by our nutritionist as part of a healthier diet plan! We absolutely LOVE IT!"
Trent Morrison, Avid Biker
"I've been able to ride more miles in the last month since I started drinking Gorilla Life than I was able to before. I feel phenomenal!"
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