What is Gorilla Life Chlorophyll Drink?
Gorilla Life Chlorophyll Drink is a raw, green tonic made with chlorophyll from concentrated alfalfa.

What are the benefits of chlorophyll?
An incredible source of antioxidants, chlorophyll helps neutralize harmful molecules (free-radicals) in the body that can damage healthy cells. It is an extremely efficient deliverer of magnesium and boosts the blood’s ability to transport oxygen to cells throughout the body. Chlorophyll is considered the basis of all plant life, and it closely resembles the molecules of human red blood cells.

Why is Gorilla Life made with alfalfa?
Alfalfa has an extremely high chlorophyll index, one of the highest of edible plants. Additionally alfalfa doesn’t have the same bitter taste associated with wheat grass. Alfalfa contains sixteen amino acids, and has more vitamin C than citrus juice, and more protein than beef, milk or eggs.

What does Gorilla Life do?
Oxygenates. Fortifies. Cleanses. GL aids in transporting oxygen to the cells throughout your body as it reduces toxins and fends off diseases.

How is this different than wheat grass?
Alfalfa has a different taste than that of wheatgrass. Alfalfa and wheat grass are actually from the same plant family and both yield high concentrations of chlorophyll, active enzymes, vitamins and other nutrients. We think it’s easier on the palate. Alfalfa has also been used as a home remedy for centuries to help alleviate some of the symptoms associated with the common cold. Many published studies outline the beneficial effects alfalfa has had toward the relief of upper respiratory infection symptoms.


How does it taste?
Gorilla Life offers an unsweetened flavor as well as two others, one sweetened with honey and the other sweetened with agave.  Since our taste buds are so different, I don’t want to steer your expectations. Go ahead,, try it and tell us what you think!

What are the Gorilla Life’s ingredients?
Gorilla Life contains a unique blend of purified water, honey or agave, chlorophyll, and Vitamin C.

Is Gorilla Life organic?
We are currently in the process of acquiring our official organic certification. Our family-run farm is located just outside of Los Angeles, CA in the Inland Empire and we are pesticide-free. We have every reason to believe we will be awarded our organic certification soon.

Why is the entire bottle wrapped?
We wrap the bottle for aesthetic purposes, as well as functionality. It keeps the raw drink from getting too much direct sunlight.

Is it good for kids to drink?
Yes! In fact, the original recipe was made for the CEO’s daughter when she was younger for her chronic asthma. When the drink helped her daughter immensely, she started selling it as a way to fund-raise for her non-profit organization. Gorilla Life green drinks give kids 300% of their recommended daily vegetable allowance. It’s a simple and tasty alternative to help maintain a healthy diet that kids love.

Note: Honey flavor is not recommended for children under 12 months. The agave flavor of Gorilla Life is a better choice for all ages. Limit servings during pregnancy and while nursing children under 12 months.

Why is it called Gorilla Life?
95% of a Gorilla’s diet is vegetarian. As well, we believe the Gorilla is an example to humanity, striving to maintain peace and harmony with each other, and the world outside.

Where is the company based?
Gorilla Life is currently based in Los Angeles, CA.

Company History
Gorilla Life started as a grandmother’s recipe for CEO, Kika Kieth’s, daughter. The original recipe was made to help relieve her daughter’s chronic asthma. The results were wonderful. As a way to fund-raise for her then non-profit organization, Kika began selling Gorilla Life. The reactions were glowing and the demand immediate. Thus, Gorilla Life was ‘born’. As a company we are still very dedicated to our community and to encouraging and inspiring choices for a supported and healthier lifestyle.

What is the drink’s shelf life?
The drinks last approximately 4 weeks (30 days) from their manufactured date. Each bottle contains a expiration date based on that manufacturing date, however each flavor has a slightly longer period of freshness based on the individual ingredients. In frozen storage the drink will last approximately 12 months and should be kept cold once it’s removed from freezer.

Honey - 4 weeks / Agave - 6 weeks / Unsweetened - 8 weeks

How Sweet it is depends on you… choose from:


Honey contains the widest variety of antioxidants and health supportive substances. Honey is packed with B Vitamins, Iron, Manganese as well as over 80 other nutrients. It is the anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal qualities of raw honey that make this delicious, immune system building nectar such a miraculous cancer preventing substance. A daily dose of honey improves medicine digestion, wound healing, and muscle recuperation.

Who would benefit from this flavor:
• Athletes or anyone who trains or workouts on a regular basis as a pre-workout beverage.
• Seniors and elders for its anti-aging qualities.
• Working adults needing an on-the-go serving of veggies or a meal replacement.
• Anyone using it as a digestive aid on an empty stomach or as breakfast.


Agave favors the sweetness of honey, with a lot less of the caloric value. It is unique in its low glycemic index, weight loss benefits as well as wound healing properties. One serving of agave is considered a “free food”, meaning it records no sharp rise or fall in blood sugar and may be used as a safe sugar replacement over fructose, glucose, honey, sucrose, glucose, maltodextrin or maltose. (It’s effective in weight loss because of low impact on blood sugar and its ability to increase satiety and decrease appetite. It lowers cholesterol, reduces certain cancers, increases absorption of nutrients such as isoflavones, calcium and magnesium.)

Who would benefit from this flavor:
• Athletes or anyone who trains or workouts on a regular basis should use the agave flavor asa post-workout beverage for cool down and muscle recuperation.
• Nursing mothers: Children under the age of 1 can benefit from friendly bacteria and the antimicrobial agents of the agave flavor.
• Diabetic patients watching their sugar levels and sucrose intake.
• Anyone watching their caloric or carbohydrate intake.


The Unsweetened flavor of Gorilla Life combines the solar powered benefits of alfalfa chlorophyll, with the healing qualities of Vitamin C. With no natural sweeteners, It’s safe for diabetics, and offers an even lower rise in blood sugar levels than our naturally sweetened flavors. Despite being void of any additional sweetener, this flavor still is a tasty refreshing drink with none of the bitter taste commonly associated with plant-based drinks like wheat grass or unsweetened teas.

Who would benefit from this flavor:
• Seniors and elders for its anti-aging qualities.
• Diabetic patients watching their sugar levels and sucrose intake.

What respected athletes, doctors, and scientists are saying about the healing properties of chlorophyll…

“Our study shows that chlorophyllin can effectively reduce aflatoxin levels, which should reduce the risk of liver cancer and other cancers caused by environmental triggers.”
- Dr. John Groopman, PhD Professor John Hopkins University

“Its ability to stimulate red blood cell production may aid in the building of muscle tissue, and chlorophyll is thus ideal for the hard training athlete.”
- Clayton South, Certified Specialist in Performance Nutrition (SPN)by Intl. Sports Sciences Assn. (ISSA)

"Chlorophyll raises the basic nitrogen exchange and is therefore a tonic which greatly enhances the improvement of health in the vascular svstem, the intestines, the uterus, and the lungs."
- Steadman's Medical Dictionary - 21st EditionFAQs continued.