With each lip-smacking sip, you’ll get all the flavor but none of the guilt, A serving of greens per bottle plus a low glycemic-index so you can fit in your favorite spandex.

Suggested, but not limited to (this is your world, after all), uses and users:

  • Athletes or anyone who trains or workouts should use for cool down and muscle recuperation.
  • Nursing mothers and children under the age of 1 can benefit from friendly bacteria and the antimicrobial agents of the agave flavor.
  • Diabetic patients watching sugar levels and sucrose intake.
  • Anyone watching their caloric or carbohydrate intake.


Spare the sugar and spoil your inner-child.  Packed with 16 amino acids, anticarcinogens, and vitamin c,  no free-radicals will bully your body’s playground. Now you’re ready for recess.

Who would benefit from this flavor:

  • Seniors and elders for its anti-aging qualities.
  • Diabetic patients watching their sugar levels and sucrose intake.
  • Anyone needing hydration